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There are many things you can change about a home, but location is not one of them. Just as the look and “feel” of the home is essential to your satisfaction, so is the neighborhood you choose to live in. The perfect neighborhood is out there -- it just takes a little bit of planning and research.

For example, if you are an avid outdoor enthusiast, then neighborhoods such as Southpark Bluff, Sahalee, or Scenic Park might be a great option. If you hope to be close to the water for gorgeous scenic views, then Turnagain Heights, Westpark, or Seascape would be a great fit! If simply being close to amenities is your priority, then look no further than Third Addition or Downtown Anchorage.

Along with the home itself, your surroundings are also…

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Anchorage Neighborhood Navigation

Are you interested in relocating, or want to learn more about your current neighborhood? We are here to provide you with a list of different neighborhood resources to help you with making the decision that is right for you! Click on the desired neighborhood below to learn more about what it has to offer. 


Abbott Loop

Airport Heights

Anchor Park

Atwood Estates

Autumn Ridge


Baranof Woods

Bayshore - Klatt


Bear Valley


Birch Run

Bootlegger’s Cove


Broadmoor Estates




Campbell Green

Campbell Lake Heights

Campbell Woods

Campbell Park

Castle Heights

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Are you looking to buy a home soon, or want to calculate what’s left on your home loan? 

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest decisions you can make, so we want to make sure you’re well informed on your decision. 

Mortgage calculators can be a very useful tool when making the decision to purchase property! This tool provides you with: 

  • A great idea of what you can expect to pay on your future home

  • An understanding of what your estimated monthly payments will looks like 

  • The ability to reverse engineer your home search to see where your ideal price range is 

  • How your down payment or interest rates will affect your payments over time 

  • It provides a rough amortization schedule 

  • Calculations…

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To put it simply, a mortgage lender is someone who loans money to people who are hoping to purchase or refinance a home. Once approved, the mortgage company then charges interest, which is accrued monthly and paid throughout the length of the loan.

Alex Rasmussen is a mortgage lender for Alaska USA, and he is our right hand man when it comes to finding the perfect loan for our clients! He has an extensive background in the mortgage industry, and uses his expertise to guide his clients through every step of the borrowing process. There are a great number of lenders that you can utilize in the area -- but Alex will assure you with a personalized mortgage experience that will be worth going back to again!

Some of the loan options you might expect…

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There is so much more to real estate than just selling someone a property. Before buying a home, we have to go through various third party vendors to ensure that the property you are looking at is in good condition, and you are getting the best deal for your home.

There are so many great vendors we work with, and we want to bring awareness to one of the many businesses that help us make this process a little less stressful, and run a lot smoother for you.

Josh Guy is a general contractor, and the owner of Highland Services. He is our right hand man when it comes to all of the repairs that need to be made after home inspections. After a home has been inspected, Josh comes in and makes sure that the agreed repairs are completed in an efficient and…

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Before buying or selling a home, we have to go through various third party vendors to ensure that the property is in good condition, and you are getting the best deal for your prospective future home.

Lori Guy works for Stewart Title, and is one of the best title representatives in the area!

When buying or selling a home, it is common practice for a title company to be involved in the transaction -- and that is exactly what Lori does! Her primary role is to ensure that the person selling their home has the right to do so. She does this by validating the transaction through extensive fact checking. After their information requirements have been met, she then issues a guarantee that is backed by title insurance. This title insurance is meant to…

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Sitting at a population of just over 24,000, Abbott Loop is a neighborhood in South Anchorage located between the New Seward Highway to the West, Elmore Road to the East, Dowling Road to the North, and Abbott Road to the South. 

There are a lot of things to enjoy about living in Abbott Loop, including its many amenities and conveniences. There are several restaurants, shopping centers, public parks, and above average educational systems located in this neighborhood. Many families and young professionals find themselves living in Abbott Loop. Being a Southern Anchorage neighborhood, Abbott Loop is closer to the popular Dimond Mall and retail zone off of Dimond Boulevard and Old Seward Highway.

If you are interested in moving to this neighborhood,…

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Airport Heights is a neighborhood in Anchorage, located between Lake Otis Parkway to the West, Bragaw Street to the East,  DeBarr Road to the North, and the Chester Creek belt and Northern Lights Boulevard to the South. 

The population in this neighborhood is just over 6,000 and is considered to be one of the best places to live in the area. In Airport heights you will find a lot of conveniences close to home. There are a variety of restaurants, bars, shopping centers, and coffee shops. With above average public schools, you will find a lot of families and young professionals living in this neighborhood. 

If you are interested in moving to Airport Heights, get in touch with our experienced real estate agents! Our team of experts will negotiate…

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Anchor Park is the perfect location for first time home buyers! Known for the massive pines that run through the region, this neighborhood is within walking distance to the Chester Creek Greenbelt, Tikishla Park, and the Davenport Fields. You can go for a walk, jog or bike ride on the Anchorage trail system or any of the nearby parks in the area. 

Anchor Park has many shopping centers, restaurants, and public parks in the area. This neighborhood is also located just down the street from Regional Hospital to the North and the U-Med District to the South. This is a great location for families and young professionals!

If you are interested in moving to Anchor Park, get in touch with our experienced real estate agents! Our team of experts will…

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Atwood Estates is a beautiful gated community located within the larger Anchorage neighborhood of Turnagain. This community is within close proximity to the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, Cook Inlet, and the Westchester Lagoon. There are luxury homes for sale in this location, and they are in perfect harmony with Alaska’s beautiful landscape! This neighborhood is conveniently located near great schools, and many shopping and recreational areas which makes it the perfect place to raise a family!

If you are interested in moving to Atwood Estates, get in touch with our experienced real estate agents! Our team of experts will negotiate great deals for your home and help you navigate the buying or selling process every step of the way.

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