Why Join the Fastest Growing Brokerage in Anchorage? 

Precision provides an excellent onboarding process, and we pride ourselves in facilitating each other's success. From scripting to daily sales training, we strive to elevate ourselves everyday. We never stop looking for new ways to upgrade our products and services while operating with the highest standard of ethics, discipline, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

These rewarding, full-time, positions provide you with a fantastic opportunity to do what you love and grow with the company. If you are interested in making more money and working in a fun, inviting atmosphere, then you should apply today!

    • Surround yourself with a team of high producers

    • Get up and running faster

    • Build your business

    • Minimize busy work, by focusing on production

    • Further education and upward mobility

    • Competitive commission structure  



Precision Real Estate Standard Operating Procedures

We clearly outline our expectations for the team and the company. We have very clear Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) that we all follow. Below is our company expectations and our promise to the team: 

Team Lead Expectations

Give 110% at all times, be relentless in your pursuit of excellence, production, and personal success. Be a problem solver, a solution oriented professional that provides experience based advice to help our clients win. Love what you do and be positive at all times. We choose to be here, so let that be displayed in your work ethic and attitude.

Team Lead Promise

We will train, educate, and provide resources to facilitate your success. We keep high standards and hold you accountable to that. We will seek every opportunity to ensure you have what you need to do your job. We will seek, recruit and hire the best people we can to protect our culture. We will give you access to us to field questions, provide assistance, share experiences, and walk you through problems so you can learn to handle future ones. We will put our team members first and protect them anyway we can.

Mission Statement

Precision Real Estate's purpose is to provide clarity and peace of mind by simplifying your real estate goals.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create the largest full service real estate brokerage by uplifting and creating a positive impact in our communities. 



Precision Home Group strives to go above and beyond. Our hardworking agents provide quality service to clients without cutting any corners. At the end of the day, you aren't just selling them four walls and a roof, you're shaping a future that they will be proud of. 

We are growing rapidly and we're looking for self-motivated, ambitious Sales Agents, whether they're experienced real estate professionals, starting fresh, or looking to change career paths. We want to help YOU build your career! We provide a comprehensive training program, as well as, excellent tools and administrative support.

Knowing when to take the next steps in your career is very important, and we want you to know exactly what we look for in an ideal candidate.

 The Ideal Candidate:

  • Is a licensed agent or willing to obtain a license

  • Always displays a positive attitude

  • Applies themselves 100%

  • Enjoys negotiating and cultivating rapport with clients

  • Continually seeks to learn and develop themselves

  • Asks questions but also learns from watching others

  • Is willing to do whatever It takes to excel

  • Is eager to be part of our brokerage

  • Knows they can produce more

  • Wants to be around other like minded individuals

Are You Looking For:

  • Administrative support that always over delivers

  • A high performing environment

  • An amazing culture that supports personal and professional growth 

Day to Day Tasks Include:

  • Providing world class customer service to buyers and sellers

  • Following up with clients consistently to build meaningful relationships

  • Coordinate meetings and showings    

Have questions about our company, how we train and operate, why we do what we do, or know someone that might be a good fit for us? We would love to talk! feel free to give a call, text or email at any time!




The Marketing Advisor will take the lead in establishing the business's brand in the marketplace, identifying marketing-specific key performance indicators, and effectively driving flow through a holistic marketing approach. 

The Marketing Advisor will partner with company owners, Team Lead, and our agents to develop our marketing strategy, develop and deliver creative marketing content, analyze data, and coach our team on how to integrate recognized best practices. A successful applicant will possess a breadth of marketing knowledge, strong relationship skills, and the ability to work and collaborate effectively within a highly fast-paced and team-centric environment.

This is a role that will grow with our company and has the potential to take over the marketing department in the future.


  • Drive revenue and profit growth through coaching and strategy that are in alignment with our personal, professional, and financial goals

  • Conduct weekly/monthly follow-up with owners and Team Lead to determine the effectiveness of marketing plans and fine-tune the tactics needed to maximize client flow

  • Work collaboratively with cross-functional teams, including Operations, Finance, Human Resources, and Professional Development, to develop monthly strategies, quarterly plans, and annual plans for the company

  • Provide strategic direction and expertise to agent and the company in marketing plan creation, execution, and monitoring

  • Develop quarterly and annual marketing budgets while working collaboratively alongside the Finance Advisor to ensure they align with the business’s overall budget

  • Develop, execute, and measure promotional campaigns, including direct mail, database cultivation, television, radio, print advertising, exhibits, digital content, in-business displays, and special events

  • Guide and advise on the implementation of foundational marketing components, such as agent personas, the brand house, and customer journeys

  • Assist in creating a culture of marketing within our business by expanding marketing initiatives, identifying campaigns, and providing the training, tools, and support to positively impact results

  • Be responsible for directly and indirectly interacting with our Operations Team to improve all systems and processes that drive the success of the business

  • Help create and capture the office environment for social engagement

  • Help create great PR within our community