Before and After - A Little Effort Goes a Long Way for Your Home Marketing 


Attention is one of our top obstacles to sell homes in today’s market. There are dozens of items demanding our attention every minute. And, when it comes to choosing homes, we don’t always have the luxury of getting special treatment.

At our office, everyday we talk to dozens of sellers that had their homes fail to sell the first time it was on the market. There could be a dozen different reasons why the home didn’t sell, but getting enough attention is likely one of them.

After all, first impressions go a long way

According to the National Association of Realtors 2018 study, 50% of buyers find their home on the internet. Between how fast people consume imagery and the statistical advantage of online marketing, the very best thing you can do is put your best foot forward when it comes to marketing your home online. You only have a few seconds to make a difference, and that means you have to bring your “A Game.” It does take some extra work, but it’s worth it in the end.

We can tell you all day what we do differently, but let me show you what this actually looks like. Here are six things we do that make a difference in showing and marketing your home.


1. Declutter

When you’re living in your home, sometimes you can’t see through the stuff you own. The toaster on the kitchen counter, the art on the walls, the soap on the bathroom counter. The less stuff, typically the better! A potential buyer wants to be able to see themselves in the property.

And, if they aren’t used to looking at properties everyday, personal belongings can be very distracting.


2. Styling

Styling can be adding, subtracting or rearranging. Some people go as a far as getting professional home staging (which I always recommend whenever possible). But, when that’s just not going to work for your time or budget there are other options.

Removing or rearranging your belongings can be very helpful. If needed, we recommend renting a storage unit to help slim down the visual distractions.  



3. Better Photos

The more that cameras become accessible, the easier it is to think that photos aren’t a big deal. But taking a photo and taking a great photo are often two different things.



4. Better Editing 

Photo editing goes a long way. The right editing can change the mood of a photo entirely. This can be the difference between a dull or dark photo and one that is cheerful and welcoming.



5. Lighting

Most people don’t want to live in a dungeon. Typically lighter spaces are more inviting than dark ones. That’s why lighting is essential. Dark windows make homes look sad and lifeless. Based on the time of year, there are times of day that are more appealing than others.



6. Composition

This comes down to the skill of the photographer. You might think a photo of an empty room is equal to any other empty room photos, but certain angles are much more flattering than others. That’s why we only work with professionals in this department.




These may all sound pretty simple -- and in essence, they are! -- but making them happen can be more work than you think. It takes a village, and that’s exactly what we’d like to offer you when deciding to put your home on the market, with Precision Home Group!

Alecia Lindsay is the marketing director of Precision Home Group where she brings her background of commercial photography to enhance the homes Precision markets.


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