The Belief that Business helps Create Community

Precision Home Group has teamed up with three local businesses to provide a solution to our cities growing at-risk communities. Precision Home Group -- with the help of Alaska Management Group, Hair Science Barber Shop, and Wealth DynamX -- came together to form the non profit, Operation Reborn.

In fall of 2017, the four business owners were talking about the current situation in Anchorage --  where the city was recently labeled as one of the “most dangerous cities” America, with the highest crime rate per capita alongside the highest rates of homeless. A lot of business owners complained about lack of good workers, crime in the area, and local government not providing any solutions.

Deciding to take matters in their own hands, the four entrepreneurs decided to take responsibility for the situation and take action. “We decided that -- instead of focusing on the negative and hoping someone else provides a solution -- we felt that it was our ethical responsibility to give back to our community and provide solutions through entrepreneurship,” Matthew Lindsay explained, “Communities and economies are built on businesses taking action on what they believe in, and it is up to us to create change.”  

People who are not producing in their lives are more apt to cause trouble. Remember when you were a child, the times you got into trouble was when you didn't have anything to do. Most people are not malicious and don’t seek to commit crimes. They fall into it by not focusing on producing good things for themselves and their families. Everyday you choose to not to do something, it becomes easier to continue that pattern. For example, if you go to the gym consistently, then you miss one morning, the next day it becomes even easier to miss it again. The solution to Anchorage’s social problems is not government handouts, but getting people back into the workforce where they can produce. This production results in the income, housing, and living expenses for themselves and their families.

Operation Reborn is the answer to Anchorage’s problem. The event is on the second Sunday of every month, at Hair Science Barber Shop in downtown Anchorage, on the corner of 15th and C Street. Our mission is made up of three parts: feed, groom, and empower.



When people from at-risk communities come to us they are often hungry. Hunger is a fast way to turn on immediate survival instincts, and without a full stomach, it can be difficult to focus and absorb the information about employment opportunities and resume building. That's why the first order of business is: feed people! There is a caterer on site who prepares hot, fresh food to ensure everyone is fed and full. Once someone is no longer hungry he becomes more available to open up a conversation and engage with the content and our message.



The second step of our event is to groom people. The event is held at Hair Science Barbershop, where they have several chairs open for men and women to come in and get complimentary haircuts. Some of the individuals haven't had their haircut in months and barely recognize themselves after. It is amazing to see someone sit in the barber’s chair and come out smiling ear to ear after seeing themselves. This is a huge confidence boost, especially moving into the interview process!


Empowerment and Education

This is the most important step and the main goal of Operation Reborn. The main initiative is to get people back into the workplace and producing. So far, there have been at least 12 people who have been hired! We begin by helping people fill out applications to local companies and building resumes with them. Next, there are mock interviews that people can use to sharpen their interview skills. We coach these men and women through this and give them pointers on how to present themselves, carry on conversations, confronting questions and winning the job. As an additional resource, we have sales training, job skills and educational opportunities for people to take advantage of. And finally, at every event, we have local business owners and vendors who are on site looking to hire. This provides great networking opportunities for people interested in getting work.

Although the main event is held monthly, the team also engages with the community and holds smaller events throughout the month with partners such as Denali Family Services, Alaska Department of Labor and Partners for Re-entry to name a few.

Our goal is to see the at-risk population of Anchorage eradicated through positive growth and increased job opportunities.

You can help by promoting this event and getting the word out in your community. If you are an employer, HR representative for your company, or business owner we would love to talk to you about representing your business at our events and sending you qualified employees. The best way to reach us is to go to and send us a message through the contact us portal.

Precision Home Group is based in Anchorage, and provides real estate services to Southcentral Alaska. We will keep you informed on current trends and market dynamics to help you make the best informed decision. If you are interested in purchasing a home, get in touch with our experienced real estate agents! Our team of experts will negotiate the best deals for your home and help you navigate the buying or selling process every step of the way. If you are looking to get into a property that makes sense, or need help analyzing a potential property, reach out at 907-302-1011 or email at 

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