The most important thing about buying or selling a home with a Realtor is getting to know them! You want to understand where they come from, the things they have learned from prior transactions, and ultimately make sure that the person you are working with is a great fit. We value transparency and want to ensure that you have the opportunity to get to know each of the agents on our team. In this article, Robert Craig shares some of the biggest takeaways from his first transaction:

I’ve always known that putting in the hard work first makes everything else easier down the line. This is also what I have gathered from my first real estate transaction, and I wouldn't have had it any other way! I have learned so many valuable lessons that no class could have ever prepared me for. Though there is still so much to learn, I feel more confident knowing what is necessary to satisfy my clients and just understanding the sales process in general. The three biggest takeaways from my first real estate transaction are communication, building relationships, and being proactive about educating my client.

The most important takeaway is communication! How can anyone involved (myself included) fully grasp where they stand in the buying or selling process unless they are actively communicating? I have also learned that all parties involved must know what’s going on at all times. If I’m not paying attention to what’s happening, whether it be active properties, finding qualified buyers, or obtaining necessary documentation, then there is absolutely no way my client will understand what is going on. I’m sure you’re thinking “well of course, that’s what real estate agents are there for!”. But you’d be surprised how many transactions fall through the cracks due to lack of communication!

Cultivating meaningful relationships makes everyone feel at ease by allowing your clients to get to know you. Nobody wants to work around someone they don’t care for or trust. Some people are naturally skeptical and that’s OK - giving them the extra bit of reassurance they need will make all the difference. It is also perfectly acceptable to show a little bit of personality while still maintaining a professional relationship. That is how you will gain credibility and trust, regardless of the industry you’re in.  

Being proactive about educating my clients on the entire buying or selling process from start to finish. This education includes general questions they might ask a lender as well. When a buyer or seller is fully educated, they have a deeper understanding of the whole transaction and feel more comfortable about trusting the process and giving you the control you need to get the job done right. 

Overall, I feel 1000% more confident in knowing that I can handle any problems my client might have. I've learned that my job as a real estate licensee is to look for those unique situations and help people solve their problems. 

Problems = Opportunities

It goes without saying that helping people buy or sell property can be a challenge! But understanding the process, learning from objections, and continuing to grow while moving forward is what makes the real estate industry so rewarding for both the client and the agent.



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