All too often, I see people taking trips and vacations for the wrong reasons. They are escaping their life instead of building it. They ignore the facts and neglect to confront what's right in front of them. When I travel, I do so for four main reasons - all of which help build a bigger life for me and my wife, Alecia.

1. Travel to Change your Environment

I’m guilty of getting stuck in a routine -- day in and day out -- without taking a “bird’s-eye” view of my life. Not that routines are bad, they actually help control your life and make it more efficient. However, by breaking the routine and taking a minute to step back can show you numerous ways to improve.

2. Travel to Network

You should become known in your space, your environment and your community. The only way to do that is to expand your network. Purposefully extrovert yourself on the airplane, in the hotel, at your conference or wherever you are. This allows you to meet new people, explore bigger markets and seek new business strategies.

3. Travel for Inspiration

Stay at the nicest place you can afford, get around big players and titans of your industry and broaden your reality. Anchorage, Alaska is a small town compared to Chicago, Seattle and New york, so the more time I spend in those larger cities the more reality I have on skyscrapers, commercial markets, and big money. I wouldn't realize what's possible if I didn't travel to these places, which allows me to expand my goals and seek higher targets.

4. Travel for Education

Wherever you go look for new opportunities to learn. Wether that's a conference, class, business or other, always look for ways to learn and develop yourself further.

“Travel with purpose and to expand your life, not to escape from it!”

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