“We Can't Sell During the Winter”

Posted by Matthew Lindsay on Thursday, September 27th, 2018 at 11:05am.

“We Can't Sell During the Winter”

I talk to people everyday about buying and selling homes. This is one of the most common objections and myths I hear, from about August until March. Alaska is a very seasonal place and things typically slow down during the winter. Many people think the same is true for the real estate market. But is it really?

Currently, it is mid September as I write this, and already people are talking about shorter days and colder nights. I hear of people taking their homes off the market because their friends, neighbors and self-proclaimed experts are telling them to do so. But, here are some facts:

  • Active Homes on the Market= 952

  • Homes with Accepted Offers = 451

  • Closed Homes Since Sept.1 = 52

  • Closed Homes Since Aug. 1 = 371

  • Average Days on Market for Homes = 55


These numbers and stats are still great! Fifty-Five days on average is pretty common for Alaska and isn't much different than in the middle of the spring. One thing that many people don't think about, is that as winter hits and people take their homes off the market it becomes less competition for the ones that do try to sell.


The inability to sell a property comes down to the individual agent you are working with. I believe that people create their markets and own economies. There are homes being sold every day at all price ranges and all property types. If the economy was so bad and things didn't sell in the winter, then entire industries would cease to exist. And, that isn't the case.


Life doesn't stop because the weather gets colder or snow hits the ground, and neither does business.


“We are Alaskans and have worked through the worst conditions and natural disasters because we are notoriously adventurous and hardworking.”


Your agent makes or breaks the sale. It is their ability to market your home as a story,  display it and its surroundings as lifestyle, not just four walls and roof. The goal is to create that story and get it in front of as many qualified buyers, as many times as possible.


Reach out to me at matthew@precisionhomegroup.com in order to schedule a seller’s consult. I look forward to talking with you further about our marketing strategies!

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